Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity French Style

Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity Unfinished

Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity – French state design combines the peaceful, rustic feel of a country house with the most refined and complex details associated with French decor. Combine a French field dressing table with a separate bathtub, soft neutral walls and simple linen bath curtains and window preparations. Maintain the accent colors for muted soft blue and green tones that recall calm sea views to complete the soft feel of French country design.

The furniture used for your French field toilet offers the greatest impact on your overall design. This piece does not need to be authentic, but it must be able to move from a rustic European table, wardrobe, desk or dresser. Solid wood is the best material for this solid wood bathroom vanity, but wrought iron can be used to invoke a French country feels that way. If your dresser is separated from the counter and sink, prepare a jug and sink in a corner of the surface in its place.

This gives an authentic feeling of a country solid wood bathroom vanity. Since it is likely that you will not use the pieces to wash your hands in reality, it returns them to effect by filling the jug with flowers and storing an assortment of necklaces and colored bracelets in the basin. French country decoration incorporates many simple and muted colors. Let the pieces stored in your vanity in this regard.

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